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July 22, 2015

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Alpaca farm for sale in CNY with or without alpacas.


46 acres - renovated century farm house


 fenced pastures  - 3 barns and equipment building


Could accommodate horses, cows, sheep or any other animal you have.


Great opportunity for the gentleman farmer.


Call (315) 626 2672


or visit link below.




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Without a doubt, alpacas are the most  enchanting of all God's creatures.  The alpaca's beauty is but one of the many benefits of owning, raising, and breeding alpacas. If you like animals, are ambitious and looking for a change in lifestyle, or starting a side business, alpacas may be for you.  While the alpaca lifestyle is not for everyone, breeding alpacas can produce a lifestyle that is both family friendly and financially rewarding.  Your alpaca business can produce income which can augment retirement funds or pay college education tuition.   You owe it to yourself to visit our farm, meet our alpacas and learn all about  alpaca investment opportunities and tax benefits.


Two of our newest crias


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Call us, we can help you get started..... Great Starter Packages, Easy Farm Financing, Free Training and Total Suppot during the early months and years!



Co-owned with La Dolce Vita Alpacas







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Breeding package prices for multiple breeding .

  • Live birth guarantee through 30 days. 

  • Deep discounts for drive-by breedings.

  • Multiple breeding discounts.

  • Free board for mom (and cria) until pregnancy confirmed 60 days.

  • Can arrange transportation to/from our farm at reasonable cost.

  • Personal care and attention.

  • Travel Incentive for first time buyer.    

Have you been thinking about alpacas as a business?  If so, call or better yet, schedule a farm visit and see for yourself how wonderful these creatures are and how rewarding and easy they are to raise.   We will help get you started in this growing industry.

Alpacas are friendly, they are not aggressive and do not bite.  Alpacas are easy keepers.  They have soft padded feet and are therefore easy on the pasture, eat very little and do not require large acreage.  Alpacas are very hardy and can live for more than 20 years.  All that and they are 100% insurable for mortality and theft.  What more could one ask?

Call (315) 626-2672 or E-mail with questions or to schedule a personal farm visit. 

Our Farm Store is open by appointment or chance every day.

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Dick and Debbie McCoy
Foxrun Farms Alpacas
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Call us, We can help you get started!

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